SaaS Development Company

Softkit offers full-cycle Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) development services. We have extensive experience in creating SaaS platforms from scratch, as well as providing staff augmentation, consulting, and other services.

Join the SaaS industry. It is proliferating, having already exceeded 140 billion in annual revenue.

The high quality of Softkit's SaaS platform development services and our reasonable pricing model ensure a superb VfM ratio for your project.

Many types of software can be SaaS, from CRMs and e-commerce platforms to banking web apps, video editing tools, and beyond.

The subscription pricing model upon which SaaS products rely is terrific for business as it provides high degrees of predictability.

We know your industry

Our SaaS product development services

SaaS prototyping and design no hover icon

SaaS prototyping and design

As a SaaS app development company, we create:

  • SaaS architectures that

are scalable, secure, and resilient;

allow for the easy future integration of new features;

ensure high uptime and data security.

  • User-centric UX/UI designs;
  • SaaS prototypes that instill interest in potential users and investors.
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SaaS consulting and staff augmentation

Our SaaS development services include the following:

  • B2B SaaS consulting — our experts can assess whether your business idea is viable from a technical standpoint and provide you with recommendations regarding its implementation;
  • IT staff augmentation services for SaaS projects.
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SaaS cloud migration

Ready to migrate? Our SaaS software developers will gladly assist you with

  • Server-to-cloud,
  • Cloud-to-cloud,
  • Cloud-to-server migration.

We will ensure that migration affects your business processes as little as possible.

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SaaS application development

Our SaaS app development services encompass the following:

  • Full-cycle SaaS development — we create efficient, secure, scalable, and user-oriented SaaS solutions;
  • Adding new features to existing SaaS products;
  • Increasing capacities of existing SaaS platforms.

Discover our B2B SaaS development process

Gathering and analyzing all your SaaS product requirements

We study your goals, needs, and business model to help you finalize the project scope and requirements.

Planning and setting priorities in feature development

We plan project execution, and determine milestones and the timeline.

Creating your SaaS solution

During the development phase, we will regularly inform you about the progress.

Assuring the excellent quality of your SaaS product

We conduct thorough testing to ensure smooth performance, resilience, and reliability.

Ensuring continuous delivery and support

We remain ready to assist you with developing any additional features or updates you might need.

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Case studies

OpenChannel case study image


  • SaaS
  • Web
  • Canada

Team augmentation for all-in-one whitelabel solution to create, brand, and launch your app store platform

  • -40%

    Decreased customers' time to market

  • +150

    New customers onboarded after a half-year of work

  • Stripe

    acquired OpenChannel

Volvo Group Connected Solutions case study

Volvo Group Connected Solutions

  • Automotive
  • Web
  • Sweden

Software that enables vehicle-to-server communication for 1 million+ cars

  • 100 GB+

    of data is processed each day

  • 4k+

    requests per second are received at peak times

  • 99,99%+

    of uptime

Technology Stack

Our bespoke software development team is proficient in many technologies. Below you can find the list of the main technologies we use. Do not hesitate to tell us if you have another tech in mind for your project.