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Whitelabel app store platform

Team augmentation for all-in-one whitelabel solution to create, brand, and launch your app store platform

Business Context

Before coming to Softkit, our client used a legacy content management system and set it up separately for each customer’s app marketplace. However, this process took much time and didn’t cover all the customer’s needs. OpenChannel came to us to create a SaaS product with an outstanding level of customization and minimum time to market. See below how Softkit managed to create such a platform, so no one will understand that an app store customized on OpenChannel is not a self-developed product.




Java 11, Angular, React


11.2019 - Ongoing


Is software that helps build and manage an app ecosystem without building it from scratch.

It is suitable for those who want to:

  • Expand their marketplace functionality

  • Integrate the marketplace into their product.


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Decreased customers time to market


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Conversion rate


New customers onboarded


Customer satisfaction rate

Our client evaluated the most important KPIs after a half-year and shared it with us:

2+ years

Of successful cooperation between OpenChannel and Softkit

6 month

After the start of joint work was released MVP

9 professionals

Dedicated to the OpenChannel project development team

What we did to develop the solution

Created a complex, high-quality marketplace provider software

Added open-source version website templates to build more trust in solution quality

Developed a SaaS product that allows UI customization

Provided customization services for software clients to make their marketplace look unique

Custom functionality of Saas-ready solution:

Notification system for app developers regarding app status update

Third-party payment integrations

App analytics and usage metrics

Two versions of the website on Angular and React for a better user experience

Resource management functionality

Our Results

What App ecosystem owners can

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Value delivered

App store building process


Client's idea was to create a site builder to allow their customers to construct a website using pre-made templates

App store building process image

Efficient add store solution development process


We offered not to develop the site builder but allow clients to download and customize their app store website in react or angular version by uploading the source code first. Thus we avoided all the dozens of limitations and problems the site builder has and increased the app store developments process.

Engaging new customers


The client manually customized the site for each customer. Time spent on customization limited their opportunities, and it was a challenge to bring in more customers.

Engaging new customers image

New customers engaged per 2 month


Client’s customers can choose selve-serve approach and customize and host the app marketplace and partner portal front-end sites by themselves.

New features development


Implementing essential features like customers' and developers' login to the app store, multi-tenant architecture, Stripe payment, and others using WordPress could be hard and time consuming.

New features development

Features developed by sprint (two weeks)


Having SaaS solution app marketplace owners can attach their auth provider and configure custom SSO (OAuth2, OpenIdConnect, SAML) for secure login. So general features implementation time was cut down by 77%.

Time to market


The client had a legacy system on WordPress and the customers should wait for a couple of months once their site version is available.

Time to market image

Decreased time to market


The app store can be created and launched in 4 weeks max as the platform has 6 already defined layouts and easily customizable websites.

Defect removal effectiveness


Previously manual testing was less than 75% efficient in finding bugs or defects during the development phase.

Defect removal effectiveness

Defect removal effectiveness increased by 26 percentage points

The DRE metric measures the percentage of bugs or defects found and removed prior to delivery of the software.


With automated testing we’ve implemented, the defect removal efficiency level have climbed to a respectable 96%.

Essential features we implemented for SaaS solution

Custom SSO (OAuth2, OpenIdConnect, SAML)

Ensures secure login for app store users

Multi-tenant architecture

Provides high levels of scalability, and security for separating customers data

Third Party Payment Gateway (Stripe)

More options for payment customization, seamless payments

Role-based access control (RBAC)

Supports users having multiple roles with specific permissions for each one

Data Security compliance OWASP

Assures a base for testing web application technical security controls

Real time reporting and analytics

Allows to thrive and reach optimal productivity by gathering up-to-the-minute data

Custom API

For integrating with our backend, rate limiting and provisioning

3 components of app marketplace software provider:

Fully Featured site for app store customers

OpenChannel automatically handles all credit card processing, developer payouts, and taxes. Also, it has no limits on how apps can be installed.

Where marketplace users can search, discover, buy and launch products within the app store. It’s like a Chrome web store. The app ecosystem has a structure like categories, tags, and app types. They all can be defined in the admin panel.

OpenChannel has been acquired by Stripe

Partner portal for app developer

Developers also have a complete set of app analytics and usage metrics to know how well their apps are doing on the app store.

App developers can quickly register on a platform and submit their applications. They are notified of status updates, whether their applications have been approved for listing, and can submit and manage updates to their apps.

OpenChannel partner portal image

Ecosystem owner dashboard

OpenChannel provides a real-time app, user, and developer analytics and gives data about the apps and platform's views, downloads, sales, and popularity.

It's a place to manage the entire app ecosystem. In the admin panel, you can review, approve, suspend and reject apps and communicate with developers to help them throughout the implementation.

Ecosystem owner dashboard

Client Review

quotation marks for reviews

Softkit has been performing up to standards and has met all milestones set up by the client accurately and on schedule. The internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with the team's approachable nature and open and transparent communications.

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Gabriel BorgesProduct Manager, OpenChannel