Software Re-engineering Services

Softkit is an expert software re-engineering company. We provide all kinds of services to make your software work better.

Decrease your software maintenance costs

Enhance software performance and add new features to facilitate business growth

Eliminate security, data loss and other software-related business risks

Update legacy code to stay ahead of the competition

We know your industry

Our Software Re-engineering Services

Legacy Software modernization icon

Legacy software modernization

Even the most cutting-edge technology of its time requires regular updates to stay relevant in the ever-evolving tech world of today. Our software re-engineering team will be glad to

  • examine, redesign and modernize the architecture of your software,
  • restructure its code and
  • perform other required procedures to align your IT capacities with your business strategy.
Third-party data integration no hover icon

Third-party solution integration

Most businesses use at least several B2B SaaS solutions for their business management needs, such as

  • POS software,
  • CRMs,
  • inventory/warehouse management apps,
  • marketing software, etc.

The integration enables seamless data transfer among your programs, creating a single, interconnected software ecosystem.

Infrastructure Setup icon

Infrastructure set-up

Our services of software re-engineering include various types of remote infrastructure set-ups. We can configure your

  • software,
  • servers,
  • cloud infrastructure and
  • network connections.

We optimize system processes to spend fewer resources while performing at peak capacity.

Functionality Expanding icon

Functionality Expanding

Need custom new features? Our software re-engineering team will be glad to expand the functionality of your existing programs.

Softkit software re-engineering process

Softkit software re-engineering process

Our team analyzes your business, its goals, and challenges.

Collecting your needs and requirements

We will discuss your needs and requirements for the project.

Making a solution strategy

Our team brainstorms various ways to meet your needs. Then, we devise and present to you a detailed project plan.

Redesigning the software

We rethink the concept behind your software and make the necessary changes.

Code refactoring

Our developers optimize and clean up your code, and improve its structure.

Updating data architecture

We improve the data architecture to make it safer and more reliable.

Infrastructure upgrade

Our experts optimize your use of infrastructure to decrease maintenance costs and improve software uptime.

Softkit software re-engineering process icon

Case studies

Real estate software platform for Sold com

  • Real Estate
  • Web
  • USA

Real estate marketplace with 150k+ users

  • $10k+

    Per-month revenue increase

  • 2019

    Inman Innovator 

  • 20%


The automotive data analysis system for Volvo Group

Volvo Group Connected Solutions

  • Automotive
  • Web
  • Sweden

The automotive data analysis system servicing 1 million+ cars

  • 100 GB+

    of data is processed each day

  • 4k+

    requests per second are received at peak times

  • 99,99%+

    of uptime

Technology Stack

Our bespoke software development team is proficient in many technologies. Below you can find the list of the main technologies we use. Do not hesitate to tell us if you have another tech in mind for your project.