Construction Software Development Services

Softkit is a construction software development company ready to fulfill all IT-related business demands of the industry.

Our construction software development services

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Custom software development services

  • Custom construction software engineering
  • Web and mobile applications development
  • Domain expertise
  • Substantial technical stack
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BI & Big Data management

  • Big Data analytics
  • Data Warehouses for enhanced ETL operations
  • Real-time reports on your business operations
  • Data management costs optimization
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Software re-engineering

  • Legacy software modernization
  • Third-party solution integration
  • Functionality expanding
  • Infrastructure set-up
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Hiring a dedicated team & Consulting

  • Providing experts with a suitable skill set and experience
  • Short or long-time cooperation — your choice
  • Assessing project viability from a technical standpoint
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SaaS development

  • Building a SaaS product from scratch
  • Improving an existing SaaS solution
  • App transformation into SaaS
  • Extending a localized SaaS app's reach to new markets
  • SaaS prototyping and design

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Construction software solutions we provide

  • Job costing software

We can develop custom or SaaS job costing software explicitly tailored to the needs of a construction business.

  • Fixed asset accounting software

Manage your assets with dedicated building project software. We can integrate it with other accounting programs for the optimal experience.

  • Payroll software

Keep your payments and taxes in order with custom construction payroll software that supports integration with HCM systems, banking APIs, and other solutions.

  • BIM coordination

Our experts can develop coordination and planning software with custom clash detection protocols. It is used to foresee potential design conflicts and mitigate possible risks.

  • BIM integrations

Our construction software implementation services include integrating BIM software with other tools, like PM solutions, CAD apps, accounting systems, etc.

  • BIM facility management

Softkit can create software to streamline the management of any facility, from warehouses to desalination plants. Furthermore, this software can be integrated with CAFM and IWMS applications.

  • 3D modeling

Softkit experts can create custom or SaaS 3D modeling solutions.

  • VR rendering

High-quality VR that does not require expensive equipment – Softkit will be happy to create VR rendering software for you.

  • Plug-in development

Our construction programming software services include the development of custom plug-ins for third-party software.

  • CRMs

Customized ERP CRM software can include features for contractor & subcontractor management, accounting, project management, marketing automation, and more.

  • Inventory & asset management

Softkit can create multi-platform custom software for efficiently managing materials, people, vehicles, sites, and other resources.

  • Contract administration software

Keep all contracts in order and never forget about deadlines. We can develop custom contract administration software as a stand-alone solution or as a part of ERP/CRM software.

  • Development of a cost database

Order a custom digital database for your construction business – accurate data and cost predictions at your fingertips.

  • Building material calculators

Softkit can develop appraisal tools for determining the right quantities of materials required to complete a project.

  • Electrical estimating software

We can create software that enables electrical contractors to accurately determine the material and labor costs of completing a project.

  • Construction bid management solutions

Softkit can create custom or SaaS software for your niche, leveraging BI engine to DBMS integration in order to provide accurate bid cost estimation.

  • Construction bidding apps

The software can feature support for multiple tendering procedures, secure transactions, integrated documentation management (CAD docs, compliance requirements, permits, etc.), and more.

  • Bidding software and CRM integration

Our construction development software services include the integration of CRMs with bidding software to facilitate bidder management.

  • Appointment & shift scheduling software

Our experts can develop scheduling software tailored to the needs of any construction company.

  • Time & attendance trackers

Your software can include features like real-time attendance tracking using geolocation, automatic time capture, biometrics authentication, and more.

  • Payment scheduling & accounting integrations

Manage payments efficiently with dedicated software. Softkit experts can integrate payment scheduling solutions with accounting, HCM, ERP, and other software as part of our construction software engineering services.

  • Submittal exchange

Our developers can create desktop and mobile apps to facilitate the secure exchange of submittals and transmittals among stakeholders.

  • Submittal management

Proper submittal management is an essential part of the construction PM process, allowing companies to mitigate possible risks.

  • Submittal logs

Keep track of all submittals and their status with customized construction submittal scheduling logs.

Construction software development challenges we can solve

Talent and material price volatility

We can create software to help you mitigate financial risks related to talent and material price volatility. Technology has the potential to empower companies to build the spaces, homes, and cities of tomorrow.

Low productivity and profit margins

Our experts can develop software that would enable your construction company to improve its pricing policy as well as plan and manage its projects more efficiently.

Gaps between demand and supply, bid risk management, time overruns

Services of construction software development may help you seize new opportunities, stay competitive, and become more productive.

Success Stories

OpenChannel case study image

App Store Platform

  • SaaS
  • Web
  • Canada

Team augmentation for all-in-one whitelabel solution to create, brand, and launch your app store platform

  • -40%

    Decreased customers' time to market

  • +150

    New customers onboarded after a half-year of work

  • Stripe

    acquired OpenChannel

The automotive data analysis system for Volvo Group

IoT Solutions for Cars - Volvo

  • Automotive
  • Web
  • Sweden

Software that enables vehicle-to-server communication for 1 million+ cars

  • 100 GB+

    of data is processed each day

  • 4k+

    requests per second are received at peak times

  • 99,99%+

    of uptime