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Customer intelligence marketing platform that allows seamless integration of customer data from disparate data sources

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About client

400,000 GBP

The amount of investment that our client received working with us is an Artificial Intelligence-led Customer Data Platform that suits all business sizes. It helps businesses boost their marketing efforts by getting more profound insights into their customers' behavior, thus creating hyper-personalized communication. In other words, it collects all business data and transforms them into understandable data flow.




Java 11, React


2019 - Present time


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Increased client’s revenue


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Decreased time of adding new integration


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Conversion rate


Economy per year by using our solution


Times reduced operating costs

Core Features

Powerful AI

Unifies everything before segmenting it in ways you might not have previously considered. It can tease out some evident linkage and hidden commonalities in customers behavior.

Single Customer View

After AI segmented the business data, they are drawn to Single Customer View. Here Customers can be analyzed as a whole, as individuals, or in groups.

Customer Analytics

Helps to explore the customers' trends and patterns and get AI-based advice to boost the marketing campaign or personalize a set of recommendations for each customer.

Marketing Analytics

Provides information on what marketing channel works better and needs investment increase. Reports the ROI from different marketing campaigns.

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E-commerce Analytics

Accumulates data from all areas that impact the store to grow customer loyalty.

Analytics Portal

It's all about KPI reporting. Portal allows to explore, automate, share and extend business data in a supported analytical environment.

Data Warehouse

Provides the opportunity to deploy all the business's data from Distil into SQL Data Warehouse and get key bespoke reports using the most common data query tools, SQL.

Challenges to Overcome


High CPU (central processing unit) usage


Poor data security management


Data incompatibility issues


Time-consuming and costly new integrations adding


Difficulties with organizing large data sets pulled from multiple sources


Satisfy unique reporting needs of Shopify users


Creating custom tracking script to forward Events to other tools in a marketing stack


Building custom analytics tools to fill the customers’ needs for easy-to-understand reports


Open API development for easily exporting data from Distil to any custom platform

Solutions & Achievements

200+ integrations with the client’s system

The existing system wasn’t expandable, and it took 1 month to join a new data source and a lot of person-hours.

After 2 months of work, we created a framework and integrated it with 6 platforms. Each new integration took 1-5 days, depending on the API platform, including testing and release. 
A new framework could both import and export data from other platforms.

2ms to personalize customers data

The client had a buggy module for user data identification that brings no use to Distil.

We rewrote it from scratch using the latest and fastest technologies that help to identify the user in milliseconds.

75% decrease in hardware resource consumption

The previous Distil AI algorithms were unreliable and consumed a lot of resources. They restrained the solution from being scaled.

We’ve optimized the AI algorithms and made the system more stable by implementing the task management system. The module became more stable, and the resource consumption decreased from 64 GB to 8 GB of RAM and 8 to 2 CPUs. This change reduced the cost of equipment by 6 times.

1 month to create data export compatible with any external database and release it to production

Distil is a Data Warehouse system as it can upload and merge the data from other platforms.

We paid attention to the architecture, and our code was well extensible, so we overcame this challenge in 1 month and released it to production.

2 weeks to roll a new feature that brought +40% to Distil’s revenue

We noticed that not every company has the opportunity to hire a team of analytics to work with our Data Warehouse.

We managed to customize it in 2 weeks, so it looked like our custom solution and not as Apache Superset at all. And 30% of our current customers decided to try it out. 80% chose to continue using it after the trial and start paying for it.

Created the App letting to boost marketing strategy on Shopify

It is known that Shopify store owners lack analytics and can’t easily import and export store data if they want to change the platform and move from Shopify or to Shopify from another platform, such as Magento.

So we decided to create a custom app for Distil that could easily integrate into any store on Shopify. The app is developed on React. It is fully custom and combined with the Shopify platform. The app allows data export from Shopify and uses them for business purposes.

Developed public API for easy integration with custom platforms

The central part of Distil's customers is high-tech companies that already have their self-developed solutions.

We developed a public API that each customer of Distil with their custom platform can integrate. They can, for instance, use API to display product recommendations for each user based on user behavior.

3 weeks to create a script and save $50k a year for the clients

Our client got the idea of building a custom script due to the GA limitations (you can’t just export data from GA for free. It costs about $50 k per year.), which is too much for most of Distil’s clients.

We implemented the best practices from other platforms such as and GA to develop our custom tracking script. It can be connected to standard systems like Google Tag Manager and give the ability to send information about any user action on the site, such as viewing a product, ordering goods, viewing content, and so on.

3+ years

Of successful cooperation between Distil and Softkit

2 months

To release MVP

6 professionals

Developed the Distil platform

Client Review

quotation marks for reviews

The internal stakeholders have been immensely impressed with Softkit's continued delivery of high-quality outputs. The team puts in extra effort and dedication to ensure the project's success. They've also adapted to the management style the client preferred quite easily.

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