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About client

Innerworks is a PsychTech product. The main goal of our collaboration was to update the ultimate Behavioral Psychology solution that could deliver a trustworthy 360° personality analysis. This personality assessment was supposed to be used during the hiring process to reduce the risk of poor hiring decisions for employers. Our client's idea was to fill those critical gaps that are missing in the recruitment process.




Java 11, Vue.js, MongoDB


2020 - Present time

Software functionality

Innerworks is a psychological tool that allows:

Scope of work

Front end development

Complete UI changes

Previously the system frontend had something like ready-made mockups.

It was needed to make the UI more complex and intuitive. Our client completely redesigned the platform and provided us with responsive design prototypes. So we've fully changed the product's front end using Vue js.

Multiplatform mobile development

Changing the front end to organically integrate the Innerworks new design into the user's patterns for interacting with iOS and Android was crucial.

A large part of Innerworks users uses mobile devices. Thus, their bad experience could lead to low customer satisfaction. We had to change and adapt some styles and UI elements for each mobile platform as iOS didn't support some of them natively.

Design system set up

Design systems contain reusable UI components that help teams build complex, durable, and accessible user interfaces across a project.

We've also decided to choose the design system for Innerworks, Storybook. The Storybook was a great choice as it enabled our developers' team to create and showcase components interactively in an isolated development environment. It made the development process 2.5 times faster.

Crowdsourced profiling methodology and technology implementation

NEO4J Graph data platform implementation

We needed to store vast data arrays, especially managing the net of social links and emails. As for making a 360° personality analysis, Innerworks offers to send the test link to 4 supporters.

And when at least 4 trust supporters responded, that system groups the anonymized result of the personality assessment. Inviting and sharing the links is how our solution builds the network of users. So we decided to use Neo4j Graph. Implementation of Neo4j minimized the cost for hardware and also maximized performance across connected datasets.

Integration with LinkedIn

As LinkedIn is a leading networking platform for professionals, and businesses usually use it as a platform for hiring, we've decided to make a LinkedIn integration with Innerworks.

Our product can suggest to you whom to invite as a supporter. So it would be easier to make a connection between workers for making personal assessment request. Thus the manager could see whom to engage in personality test to make it 360 views.

Product optimization

Personality testing algorithm imrovement

We've updated the initial algorithm of test results counting.

The initial algorithm was so poor so allowed to ask only up to 10 questions during the test. It used Excel, and the admin should transfer the results to the backend for the following calculation. We've completely changed the algorithm, and along with it, the logic of the results encounter was altered. It has become more accurate than before. Also, the analysis could contain an unlimited number of questions.

Optimization of the deployment pipeline

Speed is essential to stay competitive for each website and platform.

Initially, the deployment time was 20 minutes. We've standardized and thus automated all the processes. We got a great outcome; the pipeline became fast and was only 6 minutes.

Innerworks was Featured in TechRound & Startups Magazine



Conversion rate increase after complete UI change


Customer satisfaction rate due to mobile development

2.5 times

Productivity boost with the design system

20 to 6

Minutes deployment pipeline optimization

Application screens

Account and score image

Account & Score

Account details and score information, 5 types of information, perx, strengths, values, motivations, CV data

test steps

Psychology test steps

The ultimate tool to understand and grow your team Understand the traits of your top performers, identify candidates similar to your top performers, increase self-awareness of all staff, reduce conflict amongst teams

Application screens

Future plans

Paid solution for recruiters & employers

Launch a fee-service choosing the best position by mapping personalities 
onto actual places in the live job market

Create related products

Develop other Apps such as counselling, relationships, and dating

1.5+ years

Of successful cooperation between Innerworks and Softkit

2 experts

Dedicated to the Innerworks project development team

Client Review

quotation marks for reviews

I was very impressed with Softkit's high-level technical expertise. Thanks to their profound technical prowess and cutting-edge solutions, the client ended up with a functional product that helped the startup flourish. Overall, the team facilitated a smooth process.

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